((Apologizing for the long break with art))

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Oohoo, yesth, you’re awfully.. thpecial.

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Hhhhsss. Do not test me, little corrupt one.

There are many shapes I can take, this is simply the one my mortal world chooses to acknowledge as the icon of Order.

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[Still alive.]

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I did not realize that I seemed so aloof.

I suppose it is for the best, however. It is always difficult not to be incredibly busy. But I do not mind the curious inquiries of mortals and divines alike. It is good that they should seek answers.


Thank you.

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[Time to retire. Harmony has a lot of work to do, keeping the universe in check.]

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Havoc, my dear companion, is my counterpart. He manages the mischief and chaos that pushes the world to further develop and adapt, and also to irritate me to no end.

I am not so certain of mortal gender pronouns, but Havoc often parades around in what ‘he’ likes to call ‘manly pride.’

I am also not certain he has achieved such a trivial icon, myself.

As for “catdeer,” well, I imagine he would be more akin to the corvid family of your world. That is to say he is—as you say—a birdbrain.

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Havoc, is that you?

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